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Compañía de Distribución Integral Logista Holdings, S.A., or Grupo Logista, through its subsidiaries, operates as a distributor of products and services to proximity retailers in Southern Europe. The company distribution includes different product categories such as tobacco, convenience, pharmaceutical, books and periodicals, as well as e-transactions among others.

A former employee said this in a review: "They do a lot of undermining things at Logista, like falsifying time records, and moving you to another department and taking your hourly wage down to whatever that job pays REGARDLESS of how long you've worked there. Oh, and they NEVER give raises no matter how long you've worked there. It's a dead-end job type company that sucks BIG TIME".


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wharehouse worker (Former Employee) says

"Management is quick to let people go. Poor Management Human Resources would at some point see where the problem is High Turnover Temp to Hire but doesn't really ever bring any temps on fulltime after 90 days ofSome people are goodManagement"

Project/Service/NOC Technician (Former Employee) says

"They do a lot of undermining things at that place, like falsifying time records, and moving you to another department and taking your hourly wage down to whatever that job pays REGARDLESS of how long you've worked there. Oh, and they NEVER give raises no matter how long you've worked there. It's a dead-end job type company that sucks BIG TIME..NothingCompany owners and management are prejudice pricks, they don't even speak to the employees if they walk by."

Call Center Employment (Former Employee) says

"Poor Call Center management with no advancement nor pay increases. Very strained work atmosphere and no cooperation in time off or making up your time for loss. Learned that I did not want to work full time there. Most enjoyable part of the job was a couple of other co-workers.40 hoursshort breaks, low compensation, poor management"

NOC Technician (Former Employee) says

"Everyday was the same routine walk-in, get coffee and sit and answer phones all day. Whatever job you got selected for is pretty much where you would stay. There were guys that had been in other roles, but were back behind the desks answering calls. Out of the maybe 6 people at a time that were taking calls, one or two would do all the work while the others would laugh and joke with each other. Then to top it off, two of the other agents acted more like supervisors than equals and would constantly belittle you and make you want to leave and not come back.Work life balanceManagement, supervisors who think they are better and do not want to train, "TEAM" is one or two people out of 6, no advancement opportunities"

Client services rep (Current Employee) says

"Lots of fast paced work, Never gets raises. moderate and sometime things can get a bit busy I manage lots of accounts and more work is always added but never any promotions or pay raises. I have been here 5 years with no pay raise."

Dispatcher (Current Employee) says

"It's a fast paced environment. It's not too stressful and the employees are great to work with. Not much chance for advancement. Work hours are good. Not much increase in pay."

Project Technician (Former Employee) says

"A great place to work for anyone just getting into the technology field. Management is willing to work with you and assist you to improve your technical skills. Although the rate of pay is below industry standards, this company offers a lot of learning opportunities."

Warehouse Distribution Manager (Former Employee) says

"Ok job. Nice place to work but not a career. The job is demanding and sometimes very stressful. The hours of operation were great for me. I would recommend this job."

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Would not recommend, too much stress. Worked for city school system, and the managers there ran over us, and we got no protection from the management at Logista.Company CarNo vacation for 1 year"

Project Manager, (Promoted) says

"Logista is a great place to work. There is not much room for advancement, but I was able to successfully move up thru the rankings. Hard work and determination is acknowledged."

Tier 1 and Tier 2 Helpdesk/NOC Technician (Former Employee) says

"Things could be slow at times and painfully busy at others. Immediate management is very good but senior leadership was out of touch with the day to day functions and often neglected to communicate to us about new customers and changes to existing services that were worked out by the sales rep. Training documentation for new employees took a while to be revised but new employees should smoothly transition into their position. Both the manager and the director were great to work with and did what they could in their power to help their employees.PTO (if your not a temp), relaxed working environment, Good immediate management.upper manangement and ownership out of touch, healthcare plans are not good for employees, lack of promotion possibilities and pay raises"

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